In this section we present the most common questions from our visitors. If you can not find an answer to your queries, please feel free to contact us.

1 – What obligations requires the website subscription?

The registration site does not constitute any obligation for the user unless the unconditional acceptance of the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

2 – How is the anonymity provided to the subscribers?

The strict rules laid down in our Privacy Policy are to protect the confidentiality and anonymity of our users. No information in our possession will be sold or used for purposes other than those mentioned in the Privacy Policy.

3 – After registration can I change personal information?

Personal data can not be changed except the e-mail address and Password.

4 – What is the safety question?

The security question is part of the data required for registration to our site. It is used together with the UserID to identify the subscriber in the case of a request for a new password to access the site.

5 – How is it guaranteed the Password safety?

When registering the Password transfer on our server is performed using a system of encryption. The only one capable of knowing Password is the user. If the password is forgotten, as a result of the request from the user, the server generates and sends a new password for access. Once entered, the password can be replaced with one’s liking.

6 – Can I change the name of the UserID and Password?

It is allowed to change only the password.

7 – What is the Bonus and how is it made?

The bonus credit is a reward for those who register on the site. Upon completion of the registration process the visitor receives an email confirmation with all personal data and a “Bonus” code. After you have logged in, by clicking on the flashing “Claim your Bonus !!” you access the “Bonus” loading procedure. Entering the code received completes the task of bonus acquisition.

8 – How is the safety in the transactions of credits purchasing?

The process of buying refills of credit provides for payment using the PayPal service. At the time of payment, click the PayPal logo to access the protected pages of the site.

9 – What are credits and how do they work?

The credits are the price that each player pays to run its games. Two different calculation criteria are applied in relation with the two types of game.
For the method of “Free Bets”, for each combination in play a credit is decremented at the first attempt and no one else in the following, until the end of the attack on the chosen combination.
For the method of “Our System”, player spends a credit to enter a number in the presence of one or more wagers. In the absence of wagers placement of the numbers does not imply any change in the credits account.

10 – How are the files of the tests available in the demo ‘Our System’?

Known as the test set out in the demo was done with the list of numbers from the Casino of Hamburg collected from 1999 to 2003. To get meaningful data and at the same time limiting the number of files to represent them, we have chosen to develop games lasting about 10 days. Therefore each file in the Demo collects numbers of 10 consecutive days starting from 1 January 1999. The name of each file contains the year, month and days of reference.

11 – What is the Maximum Overdraft available in ‘Our System’ and how is it calculated?

The Maximum Overdraft is the sum of all wagers made for every single attack in the game. If the attack has not produced the expected win and the maximum Overdraft has exceeded the limit, the system is turned off by limiting the loss.

12 – What are the systems managed by ‘Our System’ and how to
recognize them when entering the game?

‘Our System’ processes about 240 game systems each of which is linked to several conditions that determine entry into the game. We felt that an aggressive information would burdened understanding and interfacing with the program without giving any benefit to the user. The player who wants to use our program must have total confidence in its potential and place without hesitation the wagers shown.

1 – Can I use the program in the Casino with Roulette with double

The program is intended for use in Roulette with a single zero (French Roulette). The application on tables of Roulette with double zero (American version) is definitely possible but not recommended.

2 – How many numbers should I enter for the first wagers from ‘Our System’?

As known, the program needs sufficient numbers to be analyzed to identify the conditions of the game with the highest probability of winning in order to define the stakes. Normally after an initial placement of 20-30 numbers, the program starts to give the first indications of wager.

3 – How many games can I play and how many files can be saved?

There is no limit to the number of games that each player can make. Each is saved automatically by the program for an unlimited amount of files or memory.

4 – Can I play a game in different moments?

Of course. The “Open” in the menu of the program allows you to open files from previous games with the possibility to continue the previously suspended game.

5 – It is preferable to play long or short games with ‘Our System’?

It is a choice that each player must do according to his own preferences. From a technical point of view, considered that the program provides an indication of wagers on the basis of statistical analysis on the numbers previously entered, it is clear that if the games are too short would limit the potential of the program. On the contrary, games too long require high execution time. We do not feel to recommend the suspension of a game and perhaps continuing the next day tied to events of the day before that are insignificant for the new game.

6 – What happens if during the game is missing the Internet

Absolutely nothing. Just to ensure the integrity of the game, the program saves the data any time you insert a number. Therefore, in the case of lack of Internet connection or any other failure, restoring the operation, the game can be resumed from the same point before the interruption.

7 – What happens if I close the browser without having made the

Nothing serious. The server has a timeout for which if no action by the user is performed for a time of 20 minutes, decide to logout automatically. It follows that a closure of the browser without logging out does not produce any effect.

8 – What happens when I save the game file?

Considered that the file is saved automatically any time you insert a number, the function “Save as” in practice allows the player to change the file name. This operation is possible at any time of the game.

9 – What happens when I delete a game file?

The removal of a file deletes every reference in the memory of the server. This makes it impossible to recover the deleted file.

10 – What does it mean in the Start Game ‘Free Bets‘ and ‘Our System‘?

They are two different gameplay possibilities offered. The ‘Free Bets’ allows the player to make the choice of combinations to put into play, leaving the program to define the value of bets on the basis of the results previously obtained.
With ‘Our System’ the program defines the value of bets and combinations to put into play based on the numbers previously entered by limiting the player action to input numbers only.

11 – Can I play both playing method together?

Once you open one of two in the lower right is a button “Change Table” which enables the transition from one table to another without losing any information.

12 – Before changing table I must save the file?

It is not required saving. The program saves the data any time you insert a number. For each step from one table to another you return to the previous situation.

13 – What are the Starting Wagers?

The “Starting Wagers” allows you to choose the initial value of the stake for each type of combination. Usually the casino require a minimum bet on roulette tables. To avoid that the player needs to do calculations before placing a bet, through this function he can select the preferred initial bet.

14 – Can I change the Starting Wagers during the game?

Of course. The only limitation is on combinations of bet that might be present at the time of change. In this case, the player will have to await the completion of bets before changing the Starting Wagers.

15 – Can I change the last number in a file just open?

In case of error, the “Last Number” allows you to change the last number entered. This is possible also in the file just open.

16 – After changing the last number entered, can I change it again?

There is no limit to the number of changes if this occurs before closing the game.