Free Bets

In order to meet the requests from many of our users, with the recent update of our site, we added a new method of play as an alternative to “Our System“.

What we have defined as “Free Bets” is a game system that allows the player to choose the combinations to be put into play, leaving the program to define the stakes in relation to the results previously obtained.

Now let’s see which goals this approach to the game wants to pursue. Obviously the primary goal is to achieve a win for each attack.

The second target is to limit the bankroll and thus reduce the value of the stakes.
The third, limit the total number of bets for each attack in order to satisfy the second point.

Last but not least, to define the amount of positive results required for closing the attack with a positive result.

Entering the merits, the concepts on which we have created the “Free Bets” starts with an assessment of what are the odds that a player has to win.

For example: consider the game on a Even Chances (Red and Black, Odds and Evens, Small and Big). Apart from the good or bad luck the probability of winning or losing is 50%. So if you make 12 episodes of the same value we have a balance of zero due to the theoretical probability (6 positive and 6 negative). In order to have a positive balance, the player is forced to apply an increase to the stakes.

The expert player knows that a 6 positive results is not easy to achieve.

The program that handles the “Free Bets” requires the player to achieve 3 positive results on 12 attempts, taking care to properly calculate the values ​​ of the bets. The decision to base any attack on a even chances over a maximum of 12 attempts (the attack may end earlier if you have a positive result) is used to hold the value of bets and consequently the bankroll.

With this method, the player will only have to be careful to choose the preferred combination to put into play, leaving the program the task of calculating the value of the stakes.

The same method is applied to multiple combinations due to the odds that they offer. Therefore, if the probability of winning a dozen is equal to one of 3, the expected result of 18 attempts is 6 positive. Instead, the program requires only 3 positive results on 18 attempts.

In the “Help” of the program are described in detail all the conditions of play and ways of working to bring into play the combinations with the various options available in the program.