Our system

The study for the realization of the program that we propose in our site began long ago. More than a decade ago began our search for a good system for playing Roulette with a probability of winning close to absolute certainty.

The search was long and exhausting. We examined the systems and methods of play, the best known and praised in the sphere of play, but we were not always convinced. We then studied and searched in the texts of the most authoritative experts of the past and present, an idea, an intuition, something that could move in the right direction.

Alternating moments of euphoria to other of total disappointment, after years of study and research, although identified systems and methods worthy of attention, we came to the conclusion, which is supported and demonstrated by many famous mathematicians, that there is no perfect system.

At this point we were faced with either abandoning the search, or look for another way to achieve the same goal. It is of course the latter prevailed.

We have changed the way to approach the problem. Going back over some of the systems and methods of play previously examined, we wondered:

  • Although they are good systems, why sometimes we are faced with situations of the game next to be unsustainable?
  • What are the conditions necessary to avoid such situations?

Well, for each of them we made a research to assess what could be the optimal conditions (delays, deviations, frequencies, etc.. etc..) for use in absolute tranquility.
The results were excellent in terms of mathematical and statistical a little less considering the potential winnings.

Systems that, if played continuously are able to produce very high yields, playing occasionally with respect to the conditions we identified, had yields so low to consider them inappropriate for application to the game.

The decision to implement a program that can handle a large number of systems and methods of play for each of which were earlier identified the optimum conditions for putting them in play, was the focal point for achieving the desired goal.

Our program currently processes about 240 different options to bet defined by corresponding systems and methods of play, each of which has been a meticulous search for elements designed to control their entry into the game.

So many systems, although they have very low yields, are capable of providing for each game a total return between 15% and 25% measured in units won in relation to the numbers drawn.